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17 july 2014

Europe 2014-2019: funding the growth recovery

The French Banking Federation (FBF) has indicated that the key challenge for the future European commission on financial services must be to promote the funding of the European economy.

25 june 2014

Separating banking activities : missiles to the West, pacifists to the East

The aftermath of the financial crisis brought with it a plethora of regulations to reinforce the solidity of the banking industry.

06 may 2014

Tax on financial transactions: a heavy blow for companies and European growth

Finance ministers have just announced the gradual introduction of a tax on European financial transactions (TEFT) in eleven Member States of the European Union.

16 april 2014

The FBF salutes the passing of some important bills at the European Parliament's last plenary session

The French Banking Federation (FBF) is pleased to note that the European Parliament was able to pass several important bills at the last plenary session of the current parliament, prior to European elections. These passages are a milestone in setting up a more solid and transparent banking and financial system.

11 april 2014

New company Euro Secured Notes Issuer (ESNI) issues its first secured notes

The French Banking Federation (FBF) welcomes a new issuer, Euro Secured Notes Issuer (ESNI), which has issued its first Euro Secured Notes (ESN) today.



The French banking sector in 2013 : Far-reaching changes 10 march 2014

The French banking sector in 2013 : Far-reaching changes

The FBF publishes its report summing up the 2013 banking year. It mentions updated main figures for the French banking sector.

Management-report-FBF-2013.pdf [4610 ko]