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11 april 2014

New company Euro Secured Notes Issuer (ESNI) issues its first secured notes

The French Banking Federation (FBF) welcomes a new issuer, Euro Secured Notes Issuer (ESNI), which has issued its first Euro Secured Notes (ESN) today.

11 march 2014

Euro PP Charter : Facilitating financing for ISEs and SMEs

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, Chairman of the Fédération Bancaire Française (FBF, the French Banking Federation) is pleased with the realisation of the Charter pertaining to Euro Private Placements (Euro PP) which will facilitate the development of a specific Euro PP market in France.

20 february 2014

Stricter US financial rules will hurt European banks

The final version of the new rules on foreign banks adopted by the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) on 18 February will have a negative impact on European banks operating in the United States.



The French banking sector in 2013 : Far-reaching changes 10 march 2014

The French banking sector in 2013 : Far-reaching changes

The FBF publishes its report summing up the 2013 banking year. It mentions updated main figures for the French banking sector.

Management-report-FBF-2013.pdf [4610 ko]