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01 july 2015

The French Banking Federation opens a representative office in Frankfurt

On 1 July, the French Banking Federation (FBF) will be present in Frankfurt through its newly opened representative office alongside the European Banking Federation.

29 june 2015

French banks are not exposed to Greece

French banks are not exposed to Greece: total exposures amount to $1,647 million at the end of 2014 according to the Bank for International Settlements.

18 june 2015

BANK STRUCTURAL REFORM - Will Europe entrust the funding of its economy solely to players in the City of London

Is Europe finally going to give the keys to its financial markets only to the English and American banks in the City of London? This is the very issue at the EU Finance Ministers meeting (Ecofin) tomorrow on June 19 which will discuss the draft regulations on bank structural reform, submitted by the Latvian presidency.

14 april 2015
Management report 2014

The banking sector in 2014

The FBF publishes its report on the banking sector in 2014.

31 march 2015
French banks and european banking reforms

French banks and european banking reforms

After five years of comprehensive regulation (CRR-CRD4, Resolution Directive, Banking Union, EMIR, MIFID2), which led to large-scale adjustments by banks, the results of stress-test and an asset quality review monitored by the ECB and the EBA, which were released in late October 2014, pointed to the robustness of the European banking sector and French banks in particular.

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