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Third annual “I invite a banker to my class” initiative

As part of European Money Week(1) taking place from 27 to 31 March 2017, and on the back of the success of previous events, the French Banking Federation (FBF) is again organising its “J’invite un banquier dans class” (“I invite a banker to my class”)(2) initiative for year 4 and year 5 junior classes.

At a time where young people are faced with issues surrounding money at an increasingly young age, the aim is to raise awareness among students of the basics of budgeting (resources, expenditure), secure payments, savings, loans etc. during an hour-long workshop run by their teacher, in the presence of a guest banker.

The game, designed by a ludologue teacher for children aged 8 to 11, places them in real-life every-day situations where they must make decisions regarding money and their first purchases.

The guest bankers, delegated by the FBF’s regional committees, take part as representatives of the banking profession. Written agreement by head teachers is first required and the event takes place under a clearly defined ethical framework and is strictly non-commercial.

Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani, Chief Executive Officer of the FBF, explains: “Knowing how to manage your budget is important! And this isnt always our strong point in France. Financial education must enable all citizens to be more at ease with questions relating to money and we are highly committed to achieving this. With Jinvite un banquier dans ma classe, French banks are making a small contribution to this cause.

This FBF initiative therefore meets the recommendations of the financial strategy for financial education(3) , introduced in December 2016, which advocates for financial education from a young age, at school, with a measurement of its impact.

In order to assess the efficiency of this measure, an impact study is being carried out by the Agence nouvelle des solidarités actives (ANSA), an independent organisation. Initial studies carried out by ANSA last year came to a consensus on the principle and relevance of the measure among all experts and players in financial education who met up at the “les labos de l’ANSA” (the ANSA labs)(4).

Further information regarding this event and the board game can be found in the appendix or on the following website:

For almost 15 years, the French Banking Federation has developed a financial education scheme that has been highly acclaimed by the associative sector called “Les Clés de la banque” (Keys to Banking). Over 4.6 million visitors consulted the website in 2016 and 700,000 mini-guides were distributed.

Les clés de la banque press office

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(1) European Money Week is an initiative led by the European Banking Federation since 2015 (

(2) The 2016 event brought together more than 3,300 pupils.

(3) The FBF is a member of the national committee for financial strategy.

(4) In 2016, ANSA organised “les labos de l’Ansa” (the ANSA labs) with the help of experts and players in financial education, including the Banque de France.

3ème Édition de l’opération « J’invite un banquier dans ma classe »

Press release – Third annual "I invite a banker to my class" initiative

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