The French Banking Federation (FBF) is the professional body representing all banks operating in France, i.e. 326 banks including 116 foreign banks.

The FBF’s mission is to promote the banking and financial industry in France, in Europe and around the world. It determines the profession’s positions and makes proposals to public authorities and economic and financial authorities.

128 permanent employees work at FBF and AFB, in conjunction with more than 400 bankers who take part in commissions and committees. These bodies meet regularly to formulate positions and to launch initiatives. Decision-making relies on preparatory work by experts from the FBF, technical committees or 80 ad hoc working groups. Discussions with members are therefore central to the Federations’s work.

The FBF is located in Paris and also maintains offices in Brussels. The FBF is also throughout France via a network of 101 regional and departmental committees.
The FBF is a member of the European Banking Federation (EBF).

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