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FBF PRESS RELEASE – 15 May 2021: strong authentication implemented for all online purchases

Starting on 15 May 2021, French banks are calling for strong authentication, in conjunction with the payments ecosystem, for online purchases. As mentioned in the press release of 15 April 2021, this is the final step of the migration to strong authentication as provided for by the PSD2.

In the interest of avoiding the sudden application of this measure, and in cooperation with the authorities, banks will gradually implement the strong authentication requirement starting on 15 May and over the next four weeks, giving retailers time to adjust to the new measure. Accordingly, on a gradual basis from 15 May, and permanently after a four-week adjustment period, banks will be able to reject any non-compliant transaction.

However, e-merchants may request a strong authentication exemption for transactions meeting the exemption conditions set out in the PSD2:

  • Transactions for less than €30;
  • Transactions deemed low-risk by banks and/or the retailer, irrespective of the amount (recurring payments such as subscriptions, payments to a trusted beneficiary).

Note: strong authentication calls two of the following items to be validated for online purchases:

  • Information that only you know (pin code, password);
  • Use of a device that you own (telephone, computer, device provided by the bank);
  • A personal feature (fingerprint, face recognition).

For customers without a smartphone, banks offer alternative solutions such as single-use text messages coupled with a password known by the customer, or use of a dedicated physical device. The purpose of strong authentication is to enhance payment security for consumers, and it is critical to be able to provide solutions to all customers.

To learn more:

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