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The French Banking Federation publishes “The banking industry in 2023”

The French Banking Federation publishes "The banking industry in 2023"

The French Banking Federation publishes its annual report “The banking industry in 2023“, which highlights the actions and great challenges of the sector.
Banks play a vital role in financing the economy, meeting their customers’ day-to-day needs and supporting them through transitions and times of crisis.


French people clearly recognise banks for their strategic role in the economy, undoubtedly thanks to the three ways they are useful to their individual, professional and corporate customers. Firstly, through their primary mission to provide financing and offer solutions tailored to the needs of each individual. Secondly, by protecting their customers in times of tension or crisis, such as in recent months when interest rates rose sharply, and the fixed-rate lending model helped preserve purchasing power. Finally, by offering support tailored to today’s key challenges related to societal, technological and environmental transitions.


Another key feature of our model is proximity. One in three European bank branches is located in France – proof of our ability to support customers locally, where they are, while continuing to innovate in remote banking channels, to meet their face-to-face and digital needs.
More broadly, proximity means providing solutions that are both financially appropriate and socially beneficial. French Banks are achieving this with financial and budgeting education initiatives and banking solutions for the most vulnerable sectors of society. Through partnerships with non-profit organisations, they contribute to better banking inclusion.
Ensuring long-term proximity requires an effective training policy for the industry’s 350,000 employees.


French banks once again demonstrated their financial strength in 2023 amid the turmoil caused by the bankruptcies of three US regional banks and the bailout of Credit Suisse. Capital and liquidity ratios are the most obvious evidence of this strength, while banks also invest heavily to optimise security, which is crucial when it comes to maintaining our customers’ trust.
As such, it is vital for banks to be able to keep investing in technology so that customers’ funds and data remain safe and secure.

In the contents of this 2023 annual report:

The French Banking Federation (FBF) is the professional organisation that represents all French and foreign banks established in France. With its 101 territorial committees, its numerous partnerships and its involvement in multiple institutions, its influence extends throughout France, Europe and internationally.

Against a backdrop of inflation and tightening monetary policies, French banks were continuing to prioritise financing the economy.
They were firmly committed to the fight against climate change and provided huge amounts of financing for the ecological transition.


The French relationship banking model was extremely useful in meeting the needs of customers, and effective in terms of banking and financial inclusion.
The banking sector was also a key player in employment and professional integration.

In a rapidly changing world, the French banking industry was meeting the challenges of innovation, security and resilience.
Regulations must not negatively impact its ability to finance the economy and meet customers’ needs.

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