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The French Banking Federation publishes The banking industry in 2021

The French Banking Federation publishes The Banking Industry in 2021

The French Banking Federation publishes its annual report “The banking industry in 2021”, which highlights the actions and great challenges of the industry.
In 2021, the sector was continuously showing great responsiveness, while demonstrating its commitment and agility to serve the economy and French citizens.


For Nicolas Théry, Chairman of the FBF and Maya Atig, Chief Executive Officer: “Banking is a fundamental industry for our country, and its relationship-based model is our common good. In 2021, performance was strong, but the main reason we should be satisfied is how useful banks have been over the past 18 months.” The public health crisis has shown more than ever how useful banks are when it comes to serving society and the economy. They adopt a spirit of responsibility, commitment and agility, and maintain the importance of local relationships when meeting the needs of their customers.
The banking industry is a major employer and is taking decisive steps to support the development of a sustainable economy.


Banking in France is characterised by its relationship-based, universal banking model. “In France, banks maintain one of the largest nationwide networks in the eurozone” point out Nicolas Théry and Maya Atig.
Serving all their customers with close, local relationships, based on quality and convenience, banks offer services and solutions to meet their many needs. They have long been taking action to ensure that everyone, including the most vulnerable, has access to banking services, and financial education from an early age.


Banking is a strategic industry that stands out for its strength and resilience. Banks play a key role in ensuring that transactions are secure and customers’ funds and data are protected.
Any new regulation must help maintain the banks’ ability to finance the economy and the energy and digital revolutions. The EU’s independence is at stake. “The implementation of the Basel Accord in the EU is a key issue in this respect” insisted Nicolas Théry and Maya Atig.

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