Significant events in 2014 : customer relationships


The French National SEPA Committee, chaired by the Banque de France and the FBF, calls for the immediate migration to SEPA payment instruments.


A decree simplifies the procedures for dealing with excessive personal indebtedness.


  • The Consumer Affairs Act introduces class action lawsuits under French law and amends the borrowers’ insurance scheme.
  • A decree establishes the naming for essential fees and bank services.
  • The FBF launches a new website:


The FBF attends the International Conference on financial education hosted by the Francophone Banking Union in Brussels.


Mediation with the FBF publishes its annual report and announces the go-live of its website,


The Act of 13 June 2014 respecting inactive bank accounts and unclaimed life insurance contracts will come into effect on 1 January 2016.


The FBF produces a video together with the Central Command of the Judicial Police aiming at preventing internationl credit transfer fraud.


The Financial Inclusion Observatory created by the Banking Act of 26 July 2013 is established.


The decree of 30 June 2014 on the special service offer for persons in precarious financial situations comes into force.


The financial incusion and excessive indebtedness prevention Charter of French Association of Credit Institutions and Investment Companies (AFECEI) is published.

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