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Round table with Benoit de la Chapelle Bizot at the High Level Experts Group (HLEG) conference on sustainable finance

The topic at the round table was “Challenges in terms of regulation”.

Benoit de la Chapelle Bizot, Director General Delegate of the FBF, presented the prudential measures supported by French banks to successfully finance the energy transition

He insisted on the role that regulation should play: reducing risks and directing capital towards sustainable assets.

As such, “the FBF proposes a positive, effective logic which, moreover, costs nothing and does not put pressure on the French State budget: the Green Supporting Factor. This is a sustainable prudential treatment that is eligible for everyone (such as an individual who buys a green vehicle or an SME that renovates its premises, etc.). This proposal has already been adopted by all stakeholders in the Paris Marketplace and the new French President Emmanuel Macron made a direct reference to it at the Forum for Responsible Investment “.

Benoit de la Chapelle Bizot then spoke of his meeting with the China Banking Association, “China being particularly at the forefront in green finance.” The new cooperation agreement between the two associations should strengthen the significance of green capital in France.

The European Commission initiated the work of the High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance at the end of 2016. This group of 20 decision-makers from civil society, the financial sector and academic community has the task of issuing recommendations for preparing a global strategy for the European Union in sustainable finance. This conference is co-organized by Paris EUROPLACE and MIROVA to highlight the work of the “High Level Group of Experts on Sustainable Finance” and the “Paris Green and Sustainable Finance” initiative, of which the FBF is a member.

Benoit de La Chapelle Bizot est intervenu à la conférence High Level Experts Group (HLEG) pour une finance durable

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