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UNEP FI and EBF outline practical approaches to applying EU Taxonomy to bank lending

The UNEP FI  and EBF published a new report on February 15th “Practical approaches to applying the EU Taxonomy to bank lending”, based on discussions with 24 banks and 12 banking associations, including FBF. French banks were major contributors to this report, including through examples.

This report provides a comprehensive overview and concrete examples of: 

  • Disclosure requirements under the EU Taxonomy Disclosure Delegated Act;
  • How the EU Taxonomy could be further used to gather EU Taxonomy compatible information for banks clients who do not yet have an obligation to disclose (SMEs and non-EU companies);
  • How the Taxonomy could be used by banks to engage with clients whose economic activities are eligible for analysis under the EU Taxonomy, but are not yet aligned.

It contributes to the discussions on how to finance the transition of corporates, including SMEs, and is aligned to the desire of French banks to support a global, sustainable and socially responsible transition.

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