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French digital security operators launch Cybermoi/s

Cybermois 2019

October 2019 will see the start of Cybermoi/s, a month-long event to raise awareness of digital issues and adopt basic good practices. French cybersecurity operators are calling on French citizens to actively and effectively secure their digital lives, both personally and professionally.

Regardless of their age, family life, occupation, or interests, people are all becoming increasingly active on digital devices. Every day, they share content on social media, manage administrative tasks online, and e-mail co-workers, customers, and friends. But are citizens taking enough care of their digital “selves”?

Starting in childhood, everyone adopts basic safety concepts to protect themselves from outside dangers, like using a seatbelt in the car or not talking to strangers. Why should they behave any differently in their digital lives? There are precautionary measures that can be taken by everyone, regardless of age, against people with malicious intent (fraud, espionage, etc.).

To raise awareness of defensive digital practices, France will launch Cybermoi/s – the national version of European Cybersecurity Month – in October 2019.

Taking effective action during Cybermoi/s

Digital security is not just about highly complex encryption algorithms. It is also, and above all, about very simple practices that can be applied every day, at home or at work.

October 2019 will be the month for learning about digital security issues and adopting good practices for securing your online “cyber” alter ego. Here’s how to begin:

1) apply your updates
2) change your passwords
3) back up your data

A fun mix of events

Events will be held throughout October to familiarise people with digital security issues. The cartoonist FIX will take up his pen to bring the experts’ advice to life.For the second year, ten players, aged 17-25, will represent France at the European Cybersecurity Challenge from 8-12 October. They will face off against several European teams in cryptography, reverse engineering, web security, and other challenges. The goal: top spot on the podium!

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Les acteurs français de la sécurité du numérique lancent le Cybermoi/s

Press release – French digital security operators launch Cybermoi/s

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