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The French Banking Federation has published a memo on employment in the French banking industry.

Strong momentum in banking sector employment continued in 2022, with almost 50,000 new hires, making it a record hiring year despite the uncertain economic environment.

This momentum was characterised by a larger workforce, improved employment management, and turnover that was lower than the national average. The number of work-study participants also increased 12% compared to 2021.

The banking sector confirmed its status as a responsible employer that offers long-term (98% permanent contracts) and highly-qualified jobs. With women accounting for 57% of its employees, the banking sector advocates for gender equality and continues to pursue policies to support older workers. With over 300 jobs related directly to the economy and society, the banking sector is able to provide a diverse range of talents with an outlook for success.

The banking sector is extremely committed to youth – half of new hires are under the age of 30 – and attaches great importance to professional integration and training, especially for work-study participants. Ambitious training policies help increase their employability and develop their skills, while partnerships with associations promote professional integration for those who have difficulty entering the workforce.

French banks are gradually adapting their businesses with technological innovations and changing digital consumption methods. They are anticipating the skills that will be needed in the future and overcoming the challenges of a societal transformation.

MEMO – Employment in banks : dynamic and responsible – Last update: january 2024

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