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EBF underlines importance of privacy and security under PSD2

The European Banking Federation (EBF) supports an ecosystem of interoperable dedicated interfaces within the European Union.

In a statement issued on June 2, 2017, the FBE reiterated its concerns about “web scraping”, a technique that lets third parties access bank accounts on a customer’s behalf by impersonating while using their access credentials.

Under the second European Union Payments Services Directive (DSP2), the FBE underlines that European banks fully support the creation of an efficient and effective EU ecosystem of interoperable interfaces for secure and reliable communication between third parties and banks.

The dedicated interfaces (APIs) are modern, secure and puts all players on an equal footing.

The privacy of customer data, cybersecurity and innovation are all at risk if ‘web-scraping’ is allowed to continue once PSD2 enters into force next year.

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