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Coronavirus: French banks implement the economic emergency plan

The French banking industry applauds the announcements made by the President of the Republic on the economic emergency plan. In all their business lines, and particularly across their networks, French banks are perfectly aligned with these announcements. They are fully prepared and have reminded all their advisors of just how important it is to provide the best possible support to their professional, entrepreneur and business customers. In the spirit of national unity, every member of our staff is gearing up to apply the measures addressed last night by the President of the Republic.

Practically speaking, in order to address the economic emergency at hand in accordance with the confinement rules taken by the government authorities, French banks are advising their customers to stay at home as much as possible and to prioritise contacting their advisor by phone or via dedicated platforms. To serve everyday banking needs, essential transactions may be completed online or via ATM.

Furthermore, barring a force majeure event, bank branches will remain open as much as possible and staff will be on-site to provide essential services. Opening hours will be adjusted as necessary to provide these services. Lastly, ATMs will continue to be stocked. Payment instrument infrastructures are fully operational.

For Frédéric Oudéa, Chairman of the FBF: “With the provisions announced by the President of the Republic and the President of the European Central Bank, French banks – drawing on their robust financial position – are particularly well-equipped to meet all the needs of professional, entrepreneur and business customers of all sizes in response to the current health crisis. I want to assure all our customers that each and every French banking network is ready, willing and able to deploy the resources at its disposal. We will be there for one and all! I would also like to thank, on behalf of my colleagues on the FBF Executive Committee, for their exceptional dedication serving as the operational relay for all decisions that have been made and working to ensure that we are able to keep all our businesses up and running to serve our customers.”

Coronavirus : les banques mettent en oeuvre le plan d’urgence économique

FBF Press release – Coronavirus: French banks implement the economic emergency plan

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