Key figures

Banks at the core of financing the economy

2,017 billion in lending to the economy at the end of 2014, i.e. an increase of 2.3% year-on-year.
(Banque de France, Stat Info, Loans to households and France-based non-financial corporations, March 2015)

1,770 billion in bank deposits from non financial residents hedl by credit institutions in France, at the end of 2014.
(Banque de France, March 2015)

15.5%. This is the household savings ratio at year-end 2014.
(INSEE, March 2015)

37,863 banks branches in 2013.
(ECB, August 2014)

58,638 cash machines and ATMs in 2013, i.e. 892 machines for every 1 million inhabitants.
(ECB, August 2014)

18 billion payment transactions per year.
(ECB, August 2014)

900 million contributed to the general budget in 2014 due to the Systemic Risk Tax.

More than 15 billion . This is the estimated contribution amount by French banks to the European Single Resolution Fund.

54% of net income before tax: this is the average tax burden for the last three years (excluding social security costs) for banks in France.

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