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29 march 2005

Declaration by the European Payments Council about SEPA

We, the EPC, are committed to building the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and have already delivered SEPA payment solutions which are in growing use by European citizens and corporates. We have approved and are delivering a Roadmap for the full realisation of SEPA.


We will deliver the two new Pan-Euro Payment Schemes for electronic credit transfer and for direct debits. We will also design a Cards Framework to define a single market for cards. The scheme rulebooks and the cards framework definition will be delivered by end 2005, and the services will be operational by January 2008.

We know from feedback from our community in the eurozone that by the beginning of 2008 the vast majority of banks will offer these new Pan-Euro services to their customers.

We are also convinced that a critical mass of transactions will naturally migrate to these payment instruments by 2010 such that SEPA will be irreversible through the operation of market forces and network effects.

SEPA will be delivered by the banking industry in close conjunction with all stakeholder communities (consumers, SMEs, merchants, corporates and government bodies) and supportive public authorities. The community of European banks is strongly committed to this ambitious programme of action, based on self-regulation and a full recognition of the role of market forces and competition.

We have created the necessary conditions for success through commitment and consensus on the part of EPC and all its banking communities.

Source : EPC

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