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16 april 2014

2013: Assisting companies in their transition to SEPA standards

In 2013, the banks significatly increased their information and assistance initiatives to prepare for the deadline of 1 February, 2014, the date set by European institutions for the changeover to the SEPA format of all transfer and direct debit transactions in the SEPA area.


April 2013: launch and promotion fo the site banques-sepa.fr

  • French banks have been offering European payment methods since 2008 for transfers and since 2010 for direct debits. European institutions have set the deadline for the migration of all transactions to the European format in the SEPA area at 1 February, 2014. In order to provide their corporate customers with the most precise information possible, banks launched the site www.banques-sepa.fr on 16 April, 2013.

  • Educational and practical, the site offers a glossary, testimonies, videos and questions/answers on the transfer to SEPA payment methods. It was enhanced throughout 2013 with new themes, in conjunction with events organised by banks for their customers.

Numerous initiatives on the ground in the regions

In 2013, banks informed their corporate and professional customers about the SEPA migration through numerous means: personal appointments, meetings, letters, brochures etc. The FBF and its 105 regional committees campaigned strongly among companies, notably VSEs/SMEs, and the media. The consequences of all these events have been announced, transmitted and recorded on the site www.banques-sepa.fr.

Migration that increased substantially at end-2013

In January 2013, around 30% of transfers and less than 1% of direct debits exchanged on payment systems were in SEPA format. At end-December 2013, 70% of transfers and 35% of direct debits had been carried out in European formats.

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