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20 may 2014

Maximalist proposals regarding payment accounts


  • In May 2013, the European Commission published a proposed directive on payment accounts, in order to improve access to banking in numerous European countries.

  • This project aims to organise a cross-border mobility system that is a fast and safe as at national level. However, today, the demand for such a service is non-existent and it is a difficult project given the diversity of national systems. In addition, SEPA payments, transfers and direct debits in the European single format, and the card, already respond to the issues of harmonisation and simplification. Similarly, access to a payment account including basic banking services is a useful right at national level that has no interest at a cross-border level. Finaly, the European text includes recommendations in terms of transparency and comparability.

  • In these areas, the French system meets the most demanding standards. The FBF therefore wishes that the European directive confines itself to the definition of major principles whose implementation would be adapted at national level.

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