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19 april 2013

Key figures : French banks are robust and committed


Number of household livret A savings accounts by deposit balance at 31 december 2011 (AS %)

Number of household livret A

  • Nearly 70% of the 373,000 bank employees in France are in contact with customers.
    Source FBF employment survey

  • 21.29 billion euros in record deposits into livret A and LDD savings accounts in October 2012 (compared with €0.39 billion in October 2011).
    Source Caisse des Dépôts

  • Over 30 billion euros the increase in capital by the biggest french banks over the first nine months of 2012.
    Source ACP - EBA

  • 2 out of 3 new hires are under 30, In 2011, the ratio of new hires to existing staff stood at 8.8%, representing around 30,000 recruits per year.
    Source FBF employment survey

  • 130 million euros paid by French banks to fund the AMF and the ACP, their supervisory bodies.
    Source ACP

  • 23.3 billion euros in surplus capital held by the four biggest french banks at 30 June 2012 in relation to the target cor tier-one ratio of 9% required by the supervisory authorities.
    Source ACP - EBA

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