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20 april 2012

The FBF's actions in Europe and around the world

The FBF maintains close relations with European institutions on matters affecting the banking industry. It also shares its views on th international stage in conjunction with foreign banking associations.


Numerous meetings from strasbourg to brussels...

Throughout the year, the French banking industry has many occasions to meet with European members of Parliament and representatives of the European Commission. In march 2011 for example, several members of the FBF's Executive Committee met with a group of European deputies in Strasbourg to discuss current banking issues. The Executive Committee met twice with Commissioner Barnier. Meetings are also held with permanent representatives in Brussels, not only the representatives of France, but also Hungrary, Poland and Denmark during their presidency of the European Council in 2011 or in the future.

At these meetings, the FBF explains the concerns of the French banking industry regarding the main current topics and legislative initiatives : CRD4, financial transaction tax, SEPA, MiFID revision, et.

... And abroad

The FBF regularly communicates with foreign banking federations outside the EU, in the United States and in French-speacking countries. It also represents the French banking industry at meetings of the International Banking Federation (IBFed)(1).

In 2011, the FBF took part in the project to create a French-speaking Banking Union, via a steering Committee combining the banking associations of several countries : Belgium, Benin, Cameroon, Canada, Côte d'Ivoire, France, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mauritania, Morocco and Switzerland. This Union should be established in 2012.

Increased responses to consultations

Each year, the FBF responds to an increasing number of consultations. In 2011, of the more than 70 consultations to which it responded, 75% were issued by the European authorities (European Commission, ESMA, EPC, etc.) or international organisations (FSB, FAFT, Basel Committee, IASB, et.). These consultations cover capital requirements, the resolution of banking crisis, systemic institutions, financial market supervision rules, etc.


(1) IBFed comprises the EBF and the banking associations of Australia, Canada, the United States, Japan, South Africa, China, Korea, India and Russia.

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